12 Popular Clichés … According to Kids

“See? It’s a piece of cake!” I said to my 7-year-old son as he finished up his multiplication homework. “What cake?” he asked. “What?” “You said there was cake.” “No, I said it was piece of cake. As in, it’s easy.” “A piece of cake is easy? I don’t get it,” he said. Why would […]

Readers Share Their Favorite Embarrassing Toddler Pics Again!

If you saw round 1 of readers sharing their favorite embarrassing toddler pictures on Babble, you had yourself a good laugh. Get ready for round 2, and yes – the sequel is just as good as the original. Click here for all the toddler fun! God I love toddlers.

Strengthening Your Family Bond Through Silliness

Knock, knock. Who’s there? Fart. Fart who? Fart Head.  Ahahahaha!  Sound familiar?  That’s about how it goes at our house. We’re all about the silly (and often, the stupid).  Click on over here to check out how we get our silly on and strengthen our family bond at the same time!