Dear Kids, It’s Not My Job to Entertain You This Summer

  Three days into summer vacation and my kids are already bored. Apparently 42.8% of one week is all it takes to eat all the “good” food, catch up on the DVR, and tire of video games.

Kids Reveal What Summer Means to Them

When we think back on our own childhoods, what do we remember most? School, a few holidays, the family pet, and summer. We remember pools, beaches, road trips, lazy days, and sleeping in. We remember ice cream trucks, playing until the street lights came on, sleepovers, and summer camp. We remember cookouts, playing in the […]

What Kind of Summer Parent Are You?

“I just love summer vacation,” a mom told me yesterday at school pick-up, “we have plans almost every day this summer!” “Not us,” said a fellow mom, “my kids are on their own. Summer is my season off! I expect mine to fend for themselves.” All the summer vacation talk got me thinking about where […]

Our Spectacular Summer as Told in Snapshots

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st, but once the kids return to school, summer reaches an unfortunate premature end. As I panic-teach my kids all the academics they’ve lost this summer, I reflect on just how wonderful our season in the sun has been. We may not have gone on a big family vacation, […]

13 Summer Jobs for Tweens

The older my kids get, the more expensive their tastes become. I don’t have to tell you that teaching our kids the value of money from a young age is vitally important. Quite simply, the very best way to teach our kids financial responsibility is to provide them with the opportunity to earn money for […]

Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

We can do anything! Summer’s almost over but I’m taking an emo lesson with me …[read more].

Can a bad swimmer teach her kid to swim? I investigate.

Like a fish outta water, that’s me. I dare to ask the age-old question, can a bad swimmer teach her kid to swim?  Find out here.