10 Things Only Parents of Tweens Understand

I foolishly thought parenthood would go something like this: sweet baby grows up all precious and adorable until about the age of 13 when they become moody, super awkward, and slightly weird until about 19 when they begin to make their way back to you, newly precious for having realized that you were right you […]

The Surprising Way I’m Bonding With My Tween Son

You guys, I’m struggling with the tweenage years already. Boy Wonder is only 10 years old and I feel like we have less in common than ever. This kid has always been the yin to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese, the chow-chow to my beans and now, well, we’re just two people struggling […]

The Art of Compromise and Summer Learning With Your Tween

Boy Wonder and I disagree on a lot of things. This time we did it on video for Babble. Ch-ch-check us out on Boy Wonder’s video debut!

7 Family Vacations Your Tween Will Actually Enjoy. No, Really.

Tweens and teens are hard to please on family vacations. Why? Because they’d probably rather be anywhere else than stuck in a minivan with their family. Relax friend, I’m just telling it like it is. As a parent who’s dealt with her share of sigh-heavy tween protest on vacations in the name of Griswold-esque family […]

12 Simple Ways to Gain and Foster Your Tween’s Trust

Being a tween isn’t easy – just ask them. From 9 to 12 years old our kids begin the physically taxing and emotionally draining metamorphosis of child to adolescent. Not only are our kids facing the wonder, stress, and excitement that come from bodily changes; they’re overcome by something far less tangible and easily understood […]

13 Summer Jobs for Tweens

The older my kids get, the more expensive their tastes become. I don’t have to tell you that teaching our kids the value of money from a young age is vitally important. Quite simply, the very best way to teach our kids financial responsibility is to provide them with the opportunity to earn money for […]