12 Simple Ways to Gain and Foster Your Tween’s Trust


Being a tween isn’t easy – just ask them.

From 9 to 12 years old our kids begin the physically taxing and emotionally draining metamorphosis of child to adolescent. Not only are our kids facing the wonder, stress, and excitement that come from bodily changes; they’re overcome by something far less tangible and easily understood – their emotions.

To add parenting insult to tweenage injury, no longer are our preteens easily distracted or redirected in times of personal crisis. They tend to isolate themselves, seek the comfort of peers over parents, and struggle to make sense of their ever-changing reality.

Of all the things I haven’t figured out about this developmental stage, I do know this: nothing feels scarier than the idea of your child slipping away.

It’s undoubtedly challenging for parents to navigate the turbulent waters of this weird and wonderful stage. Try too hard and our kid pulls away. Don’t try hard enough and we’re misinterpreted as uninvolved. As we learn to walk the tightrope of complex preteen emotions, we strive to find balance in our role as respected authority figure and trusted ally.

At a time when our preteens need us more than ever, how do we gain, maintain, and foster our tween’s trust? Thankfully, it’s not as hard as we might think. Click right here to find out how.

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