6 Tips for Talking to Your Tween About Their Changing Body [Video]

For all the things that puberty is – scary, exciting, confusing – the one thing it’s not is easy. Ask any adolescent. Heck, ask any parent of an adolescent. From changing bodies to changing minds, our kids are developing into young men and women before our very eyes and if the very thought of these […]

You Might be the Parent of a Tween if…

Raising a tween is hard work. I never would have imagined longing for the day when my biggest worry was whether my kid might choke on a grape or get hurt on the playground, but I do. Today I worry that my budding teen might fall in with the wrong crowd, say yes to drugs, […]

The Surprising Way I’m Bonding With My Tween Son

You guys, I’m struggling with the tweenage years already. Boy Wonder is only 10 years old and I feel like we have less in common than ever. This kid has always been the yin to my yang, the macaroni to my cheese, the chow-chow to my beans and now, well, we’re just two people struggling […]