Our Spectacular Summer as Told in Snapshots

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st, but once the kids return to school, summer reaches an unfortunate premature end. As I panic-teach my kids all the academics they’ve lost this summer, I reflect on just how wonderful our season in the sun has been. We may not have gone on a big family vacation, […]

6 Reasons Boy Wonder Thinks He *Deserves* a Summer Vacation

It’s me, Boy Wonder again. Thanks for reading my last blog on why tweens need cell phones. It made me feel good to have you read it because some people thought I was right. I’m on summer vacation but it doesn’t feel like I am. My mom has been making my brother and me do […]

5 Reasons Summer is My Season Off

My kids are jazzed about summer for the obvious reasons: eternal sunshine, lazy days, no more teachers, no more books, and above all else, swimming weather. As a mother I love summer for the biggest and baddest reason of them all, I finally have an excuse to embrace the lazy. Can I get an amen? […]