10 Children’s Books to Inspire Grateful Young Hearts

We’re all working to instill an attitude of gratitude within our children this Thanksgiving and all year round. Take a look at 10 children’s books designed to inspire gratitude in hearts young and old.

Summer Lovin’ Had Me a Blast

We can do anything! Summer’s almost over but I’m taking an emo lesson with me …[read more].

Sappy Like a Tree

So lately I find myself super emo about like everything.  Boy Wonder held the door open for a stranger.  In that moment I felt pride, and totally shocked happy he remembered to do it. BooBoo struck up a spirited convo with an old lady in line at the grocery store about how Iron Man was cooler than Spiderman; […]

Beyond the Thank You Card – Creative Expressions of Gratitude

Do you force your kids to write Thank You cards?   I’m guilty as charged.  I wanted my kids to be grateful and polite and all that other good stuff that meant I was doing my job well.  I realized recently that gratitude can go beyond the Thank You card they hated writing.  Gratitude could (and really […]

Superficial Gratitude

[Image Credit ]   It’s November and I wanted to write a deep and meaningful post on gratitude.  But gratitude is pretty deep and since I seem to be playing in the shallow end today, I hereby offer my superficial take on gratitude.  ~20 Things for which I am Superficially Thankful~ 1.  I’m thankful my parents invested […]