Sappy Like a Tree

So lately I find myself super emo about like everything. 

Boy Wonder held the door open for a stranger.  In that moment I felt pride, and totally shocked happy he remembered to do it.

BooBoo struck up a spirited convo with an old lady in line at the grocery store about how Iron Man was cooler than Spiderman; it made her eyes sparkle.  In that moment I felt joy, and the desire to take that little old lady home and eat Pepperidge Farm cookies with her. 

My kids played together without anyone screaming, whining or needing a band-aid for approximately 22 minutes.  In that moment I felt suspicious they were plotting against me, only to find them playing nicely.

Big Daddy P told me I looked pretty after I washed all the makeup off that actually makes me pretty.  In that moment I felt lucky, and then distracted by a huge pimple on my right cheek.

Maybe it’s exhaustion, maybe it’s this weird mid-life thing looming over me or maybe it’s just the overwhelming gratitude I have to be part of such an amazing family.

My family is the greatest, most awesome, most annoying, most hilarious, most messy, most loud, most talented, most loving group of people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.  And they’re mine.  All mine. 

In this moment I simply feel grateful to know them, and only mildly annoyed over the amount of laundry they produce. 

Experience any overly emotional/borderline obnoxious feelings of gratitude you’d like to share?


  1. Sap has been flowin’ here a lot – my oldest graduated from high school and my youngest was officially promoted to middle school. I have been bawling for 3 weeks!

    You have a beautiful family Lori! 🙂

  2. so sweet!! i am not usually an emotional person – but lately i have found myself getting lost in my youngest who is nearing 2.5yrs old. She is so big now and becoming such a girl instead of a baby — makes me all teary eyed.

  3. Love this post, Lori. It’s been an emotional few days for me. My older little guy took his first ambulance trip and I am so completely grateful that after 2 days at the hospital we are back home and he is doing better. This is my most recent gratitude feeling. And now prayers that all stays good, his follow up appt goes well and that I find more sleep and energy. 😉

  4. My toddler just started sleeping in his own bed, own room. And we’re down to one nursing session. I’m ambivalent about breastfeeding coming to an end. Am happy (joyful even, sometimes), yet sad. It’s the end of babyhood. Sigh.

    You do have a lovely gorgeous talented family!

  5. I am so like you. And awwww, those are all reasons to be super emo! I love seeing my children do nice things for others. Or hearing my three year old say thank you melts me. He never forgets to say thank you. And when my boys play together, and don’t fight? Completely makes me happy, too. The other day my little one said, at the park: “In the old fashioned times, people didn’t wear shoes to the park.” Totally random, totally cute.

  6. Isn’t that what makes life blissful, those moments where you just have this overwhelming gratitude for wonderful small moments!

    My daughter just got married this past week. I didn’t choke up until I gave a toast. My toast was to ‘the next generation’ and I could barely get through it. Some of my daughter’s and her husband’s best friends from middle school and high school were there and I just love seeing them all grown up. I take pride in having been part of their lives and LOVE that they consider me to be like a second dad at times to them. THAT chokes me up and I love it.


  1. […] all the strangers BooBoo chooses to befriend, little old ladies with tight perms and polyester seem to be his favorite. Just yesterday at Walgreens he befriended Lois, an 84 year old woman. Of course I know her name […]

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