Beauty and the Mom

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  1. moonlady says:

    I’m 38. I have a 19 mo old and am 6 mo pregnant, with a career and some vague attempt to maintain a workout schedule. Very vague, these days. But I work very hard to keep up a straightforward beauty routine. I use whitening mouthwash since the little strips make my teeth hurt. I floss because I’m concerned about bad breath (not my gums, like my dentist says). I take off my makeup every night, and I use a really great antioxidant-packed daily moisturizer that is supposed to be good for my super oily skin. I put on SPF 45 along with it in the morning. I use 10% benzoyl peroxide at night, which I suspect isn’t great for my skin, but keeps most of the bad zits at bay (and bleaches my towels, boo). I use an exfoliating facial scrub on my face in the shower because it rinses off all the little gritty bits easier there. And I can only afford to get my hair done about every 2 months (I have short hair like you), so I totally get what you mean about getting sick of it looking bad — I dye it dark red (natural color is a blonde that is slowly turning dishwater gray), and the roots, oh man, the roots totally suck. So I use a special red enhancing shampoo and conditioner and rinse that allow it to gracefully turn something like Pippi Longstocking red rather than the blah brownish no-color it would be if I just let the dye fade. And um, I only shave my legs about once every 3 months these days *cringe*.

    By the way, those aren’t wrinkles you have just yet. You only have lines so far. Trust me. 🙂

  2. You are beautiful and hilarious. Thanks for making me smile. Right now I need a haircut and to wax my eyebrows. No makeup on yet today. I need to get to that…

  3. This is the first time I’ve visited you and I just have to say….

    I love you.

    No lie. Anyone who would do a vlog with no makeup and put on a mask and whitening strips and share her soul while doing it? Wow. You are awesome.

    I might hate you a little too for looking so great without makeup…just sayin’.

  4. I found your blog through babble and love it. I am 29, pregnant with #1 and JUST started actually taking care of my skin. I started a 30 day challenge – using arbonne products and noticed a difference. I added in under eye cream twice a day, a mask, and the face cleanser two times a day. I was waiting for the glorious skin they talk about while pregnant….and 5 months into it NOT A DAMN THING. at 6 months it’s slightly better. Getting a facial this week too. Taking some “me” time while I can. I think I might be delusional to think I can try and have some me time when baby A shows up 😦

  5. You are just awesome. You trying to talk with the teeth whitening strips was cracking me up! Anyway, yeah, I feel you. I’m 34 and and I feel like I have aged so much since becoming a mom. My main thing lately is eye cream, but of course this pregnancy has given me all sorts of weird dry patches around my eyes, so hopefully that’s just a phase. Also, a mani/pedi always makes me feel a little prettier, although I definitely don’t do it enough (once ever couple of months or so). New makeup can perk me up, too.

    P.S. You look amazing and youthful without makeup on!

    • Girlfriend, YOU are awesome. I’m just obesses with anti-aging recently it seems. I haven’t had a mani/pedi since the last time I was a bridesmaid…2008 maybe? YIKES!

  6. You are so awesome! I think the best anti-aging tip is that I don’t look in the mirror anymore! 🙂 You have such a sweet spirit that you will be beautiful at 35 or 135! 🙂

    • I dig the no mirror idea, I also love the invisible cloak idea I just thought of. It’s like Harry Potter meets anti-aging, me likey. Thank you for such an amazing compliment, it made my day.

  7. Dear Mommyfriend,
    You’re just a youngster! You are beautiful. Let go of your worries! Do take care of yourself first but know that you are beautiful at each age. When you are 44 you will look back and say, “What was I thinking at 34?” I shower and put on oil of olay. That’s it… and occassionally mascara. I’m 48 and having a ball. My mom always said that her 50’s and 60’s were the best time of her life. And from the little bit of the future I’m glimpsing…I can see that she is right.

    Age is what you make of it.

    • I just adore you Betsy, your attitude is so awesome. When I’m 48 I want to be JUST LIKE YOU, I’m so serious. I’m actually really looking forward to my middle age, I’ve got big and yet undefined but probably amazing things in store for myself – at least that’s what I tell myself.

  8. Oh I love how you’re so brave to vlog without makeup AND putting a mask & teeth whitening strips on!

    You have great skin by the way.

    Me? Notsomuch. I keep getting these horrendous chin zits, arghhh! I miss my pregnancy skin, it was awesome.

    I admit, I don’t really do much in terms of beauty. I get monthly mani/ pedis, I wash my face twice a day. I have not used a mask or any eye cream in a long time. I used to do facials! Maybe it’s time to get back to me by looking after myself better. After all, I’m also turning 35 soon!

    • Alison, brave or shameless? Maybe a little of both, lol. Beauty and skin care is fun, I’m trying to get back into remembering myself. I just finally used hair removal cream to get rid of mustache so I’d say I’m doing pretty well!

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