Exciting News and a $100 Giveaway!

**Congratulations to Cindy Brown, our winner! Thank you all for entering. This giveaway is now closed.** Ho, ho, ho! Yo, yo, yo! I have some exciting news! I’m moving from Babble’s Toddler Times to Babble’s Kid Scoop not only because I can, but because my editor asked me to! I’m excited to be blogging at Kid Scoop because […]

Beyond the Thank You Card – Creative Expressions of Gratitude

Do you force your kids to write Thank You cards?   I’m guilty as charged.  I wanted my kids to be grateful and polite and all that other good stuff that meant I was doing my job well.  I realized recently that gratitude can go beyond the Thank You card they hated writing.  Gratitude could (and really […]

OMG Mommyfriend, Now What?

*Congratulations Tara on winning a $50 Target gift card!  This contest is officially closed, thank you all for entering!  More giveaways coming soon; hold onto your keyboards!* [Image credit] If you’re a loyal reader I bet you are so over this blog right now.  How can you not be?  Every 5 minutes I’m asking you […]