Kids Reveal What Summer Means to Them

When we think back on our own childhoods, what do we remember most? School, a few holidays, the family pet, and summer. We remember pools, beaches, road trips, lazy days, and sleeping in. We remember ice cream trucks, playing until the street lights came on, sleepovers, and summer camp. We remember cookouts, playing in the […]

What Kind of Summer Parent Are You?

“I just love summer vacation,” a mom told me yesterday at school pick-up, “we have plans almost every day this summer!” “Not us,” said a fellow mom, “my kids are on their own. Summer is my season off! I expect mine to fend for themselves.” All the summer vacation talk got me thinking about where […]

13 Teacher-Recommended Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

Ready or not, school’s just about out for summer! As much as a lazy summer vacation appeals to me, relaxed schedules and casual attitudes toward learning can take their toll on the skills our kids worked so hard to acquire throughout the previous school year. The summer between my son’s 4th and 5th grade school […]

25 Things Every Kid Should Experience This Summer

If childhood had a season, it would be summer. When we think back on our own childhoods, it’s the summers we remember most. Armed with our friends and our freedom, summer taught us everything we knew about being young. Now it’s time for your kids to experience a season to remember. Check out these 25 […]