13 Teacher-Recommended Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer


Ready or not, school’s just about out for summer!

As much as a lazy summer vacation appeals to me, relaxed schedules and casual attitudes toward learning can take their toll on the skills our kids worked so hard to acquire throughout the previous school year.

The summer between my son’s 4th and 5th grade school year was awesome. After a year of intense academic curriculum, lazy summer days of lounging around paired with evenings playing outside seemed well-deserved by my 9-year-old. While I was all too happy to loosen the academic reigns in favor of summer fun and relaxation, I failed to make sure my tween was keeping his mind sharp and retaining his academic skills.

When Boy Wonder entered 5th grade in the fall, he discovered just how damaging academic complacency can be. He struggled to keep up and had to work twice as hard to relearn the skills he had forgotten.

I made a promise to myself last fall that I wouldn’t let a lazy summer get in the way of learning. There was simply no reason why summer couldn’t be a season of educational enrichment.

I reached out to a handful of skilled K-6 teachers and asked what we as parents can do to combat the summer slide and help our kids prepare for the following school year. Click here to find out what they said.

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