10 Ways Tweens are Just Like Toddlers


In my scientific opinion, tweens and toddlers aren’t so different.

Toddlers are impulsive, emotional, naive, curious, and yes, more than a little bit naughty.

And tweens, well, they’re all those things and more. As walking contradictions of childhood, tweens are both young and old. Smart and naive. Responsible and thoughtless.

Because tweens embody everything that is right and wrong and blissful and frustrating as hell about growing up, I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry (or drink) to cope with this phase of development.

The last time I felt like way I was ready to sell my then 2-year-old to the highest bidder. Little did I know then that my escape from Toddlerville would ultimately lead me to Tweendom, a land just as unforgiving and frightening.

Not quite convinced your tween is a toddler incarnate? Take a look at the 10 ways tweens and toddlers aren’t so different by clicking here.

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