The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Weeks 7-8ish

Forgive me for being all off my weight tracking schedule. Last weekend the fam and I headed up to visit my in-laws in Northern California. While I had all of Weight Watchers’ glorious tools available to me on my mobile device, I decided to take a break from dieting to simply enjoy all the fabulous restaurant cuisine […]

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 6

I’m down 1/2 a pound this week. While I would normally be discouraged by such torturously slow weight loss, I was actually surprised I lost anything at all. I was a lazy tracking PMSer last week, eating my weight in Lay’s potato chips and sneaking slices of cheddar cheese. It was by far my worst week […]

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 5

Mommy Friend, we’re on week 5 (ugh) and I’m down 1 pound since last week’s 0 pound weight loss. I mean, I think I am. When I weighed myself this morning it showed I was still at 136 – the weight I was last week, and the week before. Refusing to accept another week of dieting […]

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 4

OMG everybody! I worked my ass off all week and I lost a whopping 0 lbs! Dude, not cool. OK, so I only managed to work out twice this week; so what? And I stopped measuring food with an actual food scale and measuring cups but I feel after a month that I’m pretty good at […]

The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 2

Week 2 of Weight Watchers and I only lost 1 lousy pound. Yeah, I was pissed. I’m walking 2.2 miles 4x/week (wait, quick math here: 8.8 miles a week) and eating 26 points in a day. In case you’re unfamiliar, 26 points is like the equivalent of one yummy restaurant meal. I’m drink water, eating […]