The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 2

Week 2 of Weight Watchers and I only lost 1 lousy pound.

Yeah, I was pissed.

I’m walking 2.2 miles 4x/week (wait, quick math here: 8.8 miles a week) and eating 26 points in a day. In case you’re unfamiliar, 26 points is like the equivalent of one yummy restaurant meal.

I’m drink water, eating my weight in fruits and veggies and all I have to show for it is ONE POUND? Starving girl was not pleased.

OK, let me back up. I only really started walking late last week. I also know lasting and healthy weight loss is supposed to be slow but I want french fries, Nutella, six kinds of cheese, a stick of butter and heavy whipping cream baked in a bubbly casserole and served to me on Hershey bars right about now.

I’m sticking with this because I’m not a quitter, but damn, one pound? Not cool WW.

Three pounds down, 11 to go.


  1. Hang in there Lori!!!!! It takes your body about a month to get into real weight loss mode. Try the roasted veggies with olive oil and garlic, yum 🙂

  2. Girl. if you had 40+ lbs to lose, 1 lb loss in week 2 would be dissapointing. any loss is a loss. be PROUD! You can do it, and don’t deprive yourself. make sure you still enjoy something special, just don’t eat it in secret. 🙂

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