Dear Know-It-All Parents: Shut the %$#@ Up

The other side of the coin y’all.

Our childfree friends have plenty to say and guess what, they’re so right.

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  1. I agree shut the heak up. I am trying to be the best mom i can and then some hippie moms out there are like you use this on your baby it is full of chemicals which makes me feel like a bad mother, then i feel like i have to go all organic and crap in order for my children to avoid cancer. Honestly i am in the medical field and i feel if you are going to get cancer you are pre-dispositioned to it, it does not happen to everybody. Ugghh. I am so frustrated. Then what kills me is that some parents are like don’t use the flame resistant PJ’s they have chemicals but yet they are putting chemical diapers on their children Pampers etc. and using plastic bottles etc. I just have to vent sorry.

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