The Skinny Bitch Diaries: Week 6

I’m down 1/2 a pound this week.

While I would normally be discouraged by such torturously slow weight loss, I was actually surprised I lost anything at all.

I was a lazy tracking PMSer last week, eating my weight in Lay’s potato chips and sneaking slices of cheddar cheese.

It was by far my worst week of dieting since I started WW six weeks ago.

PMS is a mean mother fo sho. When she arrives, she comes with a vengeance that can only be satisfied by grease and salt of the processed variety.

I’m back on track this week…or at least hoping to be.

6.5 pounds down, 7.5 more to go.


  1. Good for you for sticking with it…I went 3 weeks w/o losing any weight and got totally discouraged. I stopped tracking for 2 weeks. Hopped on the scale this morning and it’s not good. Back to counting points! I’m not sure weighing in every week is good for me. Anyway…happy dieting!

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