Moms Sound Off on What the Last Day of School Means to Them

School’s almost out for summer and you know what that means – no more pencils, no more books, no more teachers’ dirty looks … among other things. I reached out to the BestMomsTV community for their thoughts on what the last day of school means for their family. Take a look at what they said!

Our Spectacular Summer as Told in Snapshots

Summer doesn’t officially end until September 21st, but once the kids return to school, summer reaches an unfortunate premature end. As I panic-teach my kids all the academics they’ve lost this summer, I reflect on just how wonderful our season in the sun has been. We may not have gone on a big family vacation, […]

The Art of Compromise and Summer Learning With Your Tween

Boy Wonder and I disagree on a lot of things. This time we did it on video for Babble. Ch-ch-check us out on Boy Wonder’s video debut!

6 Reasons Boy Wonder Thinks He *Deserves* a Summer Vacation

It’s me, Boy Wonder again. Thanks for reading my last blog on why tweens need cell phones. It made me feel good to have you read it because some people thought I was right. I’m on summer vacation but it doesn’t feel like I am. My mom has been making my brother and me do […]

7 Family Vacations Your Tween Will Actually Enjoy. No, Really.

Tweens and teens are hard to please on family vacations. Why? Because they’d probably rather be anywhere else than stuck in a minivan with their family. Relax friend, I’m just telling it like it is. As a parent who’s dealt with her share of sigh-heavy tween protest on vacations in the name of Griswold-esque family […]

13 Teacher-Recommended Ways to Keep Kids Learning This Summer

Ready or not, school’s just about out for summer! As much as a lazy summer vacation appeals to me, relaxed schedules and casual attitudes toward learning can take their toll on the skills our kids worked so hard to acquire throughout the previous school year. The summer between my son’s 4th and 5th grade school […]