For My First Time Ever I Put My Family Ahead of My Career

When I left my corporate job last October to pursue a career in freelance writing, I told myself I was doing it for my family. I believed it too; spending 2½ hours a day with my kids rushing through homework, dinner, and baths hardly felt like the way motherhood was supposed to be. Once I […]

Men Flocking to “Pink Collar” Jobs

More and more men are giving up their “manly” careers (insert man-grunt) for female-dominated professions. But why? What does this mean for women? And more importantly, do men or women earn more in female-dominated jobs? I’ve got the answers right here.

8 Telltale Signs You Have a Work Spouse

I recently left a corporate job where I had a “work spouse”. In case you’re unfamiliar with the term, a work spouse is a co-worker of the opposite sex with whom you’ve developed a close platonic relationship. Think you may have a work spouse? Check out these 8 telltale signs of workplace matrimony right here!

What Working Moms Want You to Know

I asked the working mama ladies for what they wanted to tell the masses. Put on your listening cap (or your reading glasses) and clicky here.

You Might Be A Blogger If…

The list is super scary awesome. Can you relate?

My Heart Was Speaking All Along

Last fall I took a leap of faith and quit my stable, well-paying job in pursuit of two dreams. One, to become a freelance writer, and two, to stay home with my children. The decision to walk away from my job took no less than 18 months of careful planning, about a thousand prayers, a […]

10 Things I Didn’t Expect About Working From Home

Who knew working from home would feel like such “work”? Click here to read all about the 10 things that have surprised me the most, then leave a comment on the article for your chance to win a $100 American Express gift card!

Stand Back, This Chick Has Tools

About every three years I get a big old stick up my butt to handle tools and attempt to build and/or craft myself into oblivion. I’m not really sure why it happens, but my hands just get itchy to create something beautiful. In truth, you won’t be blown away by the DIYness of this blog post […]

Day 5 of WAHMdom: Get the Hell Outta Dodge

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I already need a vacay.

Day 4 of WAHMdom: Not Getting $#@% Done

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here where I need to put the camera away and my fingers to work.