Two Words of (unsolicited) Advice

Pretty much everyone I ever met is pregnant right now and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I admitted my personal Pregnancy Addiction last week and I was really relieved to learn I wasn’t alone.  You just saved me thousands in therapy, whew! 

Since I’ve got this handy little blog which is just great for broadcasting unsolicited advice, I always tell my pregnant Mommy Friends the same two things:

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First, I encourage expecting Mommy Friends to keep a pregnancy journal.  I wrote online pregnancy journals for both of my sons and the pregnancy I sadly lost.  I am a big believer in creative expression and believe you will find that your pregnancy journal will become a treasured keepsake documenting your amazing transition to motherhood.  I always sort of viewed pregnancy journals as little pre-baby books because as you know, the motherhood adventure begins with those two little lines.

I know not every Mommy Friend enjoys writing, moreover, I know not every Mommy Friend enjoys writing for an audience.  If you are a private Mommy Friend, consider keeping a personal pregnancy journal, sort of like a private love letter between you and your baby; you will be so glad you did.

Birth Club baby date!

Second, Mommy Friends may want to consider joining an online birth club and Baby Center has a great one.  Online birth clubs provide the opportunity to connect with other pregnant women who are due to deliver the same month you are.  Club members typically post about their pregnancy joys, fears and everything in between allowing you to compare notes, ask questions and learn from each other.  Birth clubs can be joined at any time, regardless of whether you are expecting or have already given birth. 

Truthfully, I had reservations about joining a birth club because I’m a little shy with strangers (no, really) and feared outsider branding.  I joined my birth club when my eldest was 3 months old because I had very few young mothers to turn to for the support I so desperately needed.  To my delight, my birth club members were exceptionally warm and welcoming.  The club took tremendous pride in its membership and there was a time when our birth club was nearly 600 members strong.  Wow, 600 Mommy Friends going through the exact same things I was?  Hallelujah! 

I even had the opportunity to meet up with locals from my birth club for baby dates!

Birth Club babies agree Julie Clark of Baby Einstein fame is a genius.

As a first time mom, my online birth club was absolutely vital to my survival in my first year of motherhood.  I was a paranoid shell of a mom, asking at least 5 questions a day about poop, vomit and infant athlete’s foot (I wish I was kidding).  The best part of my birth club was that no question was too stupid or too personal to ask, and if it was, fellow members never made me feel that way.

I met many wonderful friends from my birth club, but even 7 years later I have maintained a personal relationship with my birth club bestie, Mommy Friend Sevasty.  She is a cherished friend as we understand each other on a deep maternal level for having shared such similar experiences in real time.

It was love at first rattle.

The best part is that since Mommy Friend Sevasty’s daughter and my eldest are the exact same age, we’ve all but worked out the details of their arranged marriage!  And how cute, the future couple can say they “met online”! 

My eldest thought she was just as pretty as her profile pic.

Even if you never post, I encourage you to poke around your birth club and read what your fellow moms are saying.  The experience you gain will not only offer you a tremendous amount of comfort (remember, infant’s athletes foot); it will enrich your motherhood experience to learn from your fellow mothers.

I am all about savoring memories and making good Mommy Friends.  I’ve never been the guru of anything and motherhood is no exception.  I’m learning as I go, just like you.  For that reason, it’s sure nice to know I’m in good company and that support is only a click away


  1. How cute! I totally love the captions under the pics. I wish I had been better about keeping a pregnancy journal. I had joined a local moms club when my daughter was 6 months and it was the best thing I could have done. It was so nice meeting other moms.

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  6. Those kiddos could not be cuter! Love the pics and sounds like the birthing club turned out to be something really special for you.Happy FF!

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