Parent Projects

I’ve decided my boys will be going to college on full scholarship.  Making this decision has relieved me from a lot of the pressure that goes along with worrying about their college fund so I’m glad the idea occurred to me.

Since scholarships are not lottery-based, it seems they need to be earned the old-fashioned way, by good grades.  School projects are as much a part of earning those good grades as tests themselves.

The 1st grade Calla Lily project will live in infamy.

School projects ought to be called “parent projects” since that’s what they really are…[read more


  1. I am as guilty for being involved when it comes to school projects, but you are right… they need these for the grades to lead to scholarships. I call all homework, projects and etc, parent projects because it always turns out this way… I’m a first time visitor, great blog…

  2. Great post – cracked me up!The “Parent Project Trap” (as it is also known) seems to have been around since the dawn of the ..oh, I don’t know the 70’s..I think it happened because before parents were forced to do these things only nerdy kids had cool projects – which, of course lead to them getting beat up (trust me I know). So its better this way. Kinder, gentler.Another thing; who better than a parent to expose their child to the wonders of nuclear fusion or photovoltaics, backyard agriculture, how pencils are made (I could go on) – this is stuff we parents have the privilege to share and for some of us awkward, nerdy types, it is one of the few ways we can tell our kid “I love you”. [On the other hand, it might just be a desperate attempt to finally win that $%%#& science fair.]

  3. Your dad sounds like a genius! Before I know it I’ll be heading back to school… 😉

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