Have I Told You Lately…

…that I love you?  Well, I do and I’m not shy.

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When I started this little blog, the idea of earning a faithful group of loyal readers felt almost too big to dream.  Never could I have imagined the pivotal role each of you would bring to Mommyfriend.  Whether it’s through a thoughtful comment or a suggestion to friends, your support has been instrumental in the evolution of this site.  As our love affair continues, I am defining the direction of Mommyfriend with you as my lead.  I aspire to bring you relevant content deserving of your valuable time and energy.

The biggest personal struggle I have faced with Mommyfriend is the level of commitment I have been able to provide to you, my faithful readers.  I would love nothing more than to post daily so that you are never disappointed when you pay this site a visit.  Big Daddy P has assured me a million times over that my clever Mommy Friends deserve quality rather than quantity which sounded like some pretty sage advice.  As a mother, inspiration is generally never far from reach but packaging it into something worthy of your attention takes time.  For that I appreciate your loyalty and continued support.

I’m big on gratitude and while I may not publicly thank you nearly enough, you are never far from my thoughts.  Thank you for making me feel more interesting than I really am; you’ve done wonders for my confidence as a writer and inspire me daily.

And finally (because these tears are ruining my makeup), your suggestions for site content are always welcome and appreciated.  Mommyfriend can only get more blogtastical with you driving.  You can reach me at yourmommyfriend@gmail.com or by leaving me a little sugar with your comment love.

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Forever Your Mommy Friend,


  1. You KNOW that you are absolutely one of my faves! I’m sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Please don’t think that because I don’t comment that I’m not stopping by all the time to check up on you! =) xoxoxo

  2. I agree – no need to post daily… who even has time to read all the blogs daily? Internet is amazing – just enjoy whatever you are doing…and everything else with fall into places.

  3. Why thank you!! I love reading your blog and say, keep on doing what you are doing! Blog on!

  4. I wish you the best my deary! I am thankful for you! YOU inspire me! Or as the movie quote goes, “You had me at hello!” I appreciate your humor and dedication. Always quality over quantity in my opinion! I had to make the same decision. Good for you! xoxoJessica

  5. You are so sweet, Lori. I agree with your husband. You don’t have to post everyday! (I on the other hand have to post more often!)

    I’ll email you or post again if I come up with a specific suggestion but you are doing perfectly!

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