Creativity Is King: What Art Can Do for Your Kids

Before my kids were able to fully express themselves through words, they were little artists creating images as bold and unique as they were. And while mini masterpieces on important papers, floors, and walls tested my patience at times, it didn’t take long for me to realize that a crayon in the hand was worth […]

The Portfolio of a Young Artist

Every kid has a hero. Some kids idolize superheroes. Some kids look up to a favorite uncle or parent. My kid idolizes his big brother. From the time BooBoo was old enough to hold a crayon, he’s been peeking over Boy Wonder’s artistic shoulder trying desperately to follow in his big brother’s creative footsteps. So […]

How to Draw 25 Awesome Cartoons With Your Kids!

How to draw

This summer will go down in the books as our summer of art. With both kids in weekly art classes and creativity dripping from their pencils, my kids drew their way through over four (yes, four!) reams of paper. That’s 2,000+ masterpieces! With the help of Art for Kids!, my kids spent their summer with […]

My Son Thinks I’m a Slot

There’s a story behind this one. Click here to read all about it.