The Portfolio of a Young Artist

Young artist

Every kid has a hero. Some kids idolize superheroes. Some kids look up to a favorite uncle or parent. My kid idolizes his big brother.

From the time BooBoo was old enough to hold a crayon, he’s been peeking over Boy Wonder’s artistic shoulder trying desperately to follow in his big brother’s creative footsteps. So I suppose it came as no surprise when BooBoo began begging to take art lessons at age 5 just as his brother had. There was just one little problem – the cost.

With Boy Wonder still enrolled in art classes and now BooBoo, we’d be shelling out over $200 a month in lessons! That’s a luxury few parents can afford and we are certainly no exception. But how could/should/would we say no to such artistic passion? Because this kid had it, you guys, perhaps even more than Boy Wonder ever did.

I just knew that somehow we had to make it happen. So with a little budget slashing here and few sacrifices there, we decided to give it a go. And oh, how it went.

Something in BooBoo blossomed in art class that I still have a hard time understanding. He was able to focus, really focus, for the first time ever. He listened, tried, and cared in ways I hadn’t seen from him before. Soon he began finding inspiration everywhere, from cobwebs in the corner of his bedroom ceiling to insects he encountered while digging with a stick, and he drew them all.

Take a look at the progress BooBoo is making in art class by clicking here. Please know that he is so incredibly excited that you’re taking the time to view his work, so thank you.

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