A Case for Quitting to Discover the Next Big Thing

t’s taken me nearly my whole life to realize that sometimes quitting is the answer. The entire notion of walking away from something is all but foreign to me. I was taught to keep my eye on the prize, try harder, and push through in the name of finishing what you started and reaping the […]

Take a Look at Boy Wonder’s Latest Artwork!

Hi, it’s Boy Wonder again. You might already know that I’m a kid artist because my mom has shown my artwork on Babble here, here, and here. A lot of people think I want to grow up and become a famous artist someday, but I don’t think I want to do that. I don’t like […]

The Portfolio of a Young Artist

Every kid has a hero. Some kids idolize superheroes. Some kids look up to a favorite uncle or parent. My kid idolizes his big brother. From the time BooBoo was old enough to hold a crayon, he’s been peeking over Boy Wonder’s artistic shoulder trying desperately to follow in his big brother’s creative footsteps. So […]

Braggy Mom Alert III: An Homage to My Little Artist

As you can tell by the title, I’ve “homaged” the heck out of my little artist twice before (here, and here). As much as I love to share Boy Wonder’s artwork with heaping amounts of mom pride, sometimes I wonder if I’m pushing art too hard. To quote myself from yesterday, “Boy Wonder has been […]

Here I Brag Again!

That Boy Wonder kid has been hard at work creating the unbelievable. I’m so proud of this kid. If you wouldn’t mind checking out his latest gallery here and leaving him a nice little comment, I’d surely appreciate it!