A Case for Quitting to Discover the Next Big Thing

photo (257)

t’s taken me nearly my whole life to realize that sometimes quitting is the answer. The entire notion of walking away from something is all but foreign to me. I was taught to keep my eye on the prize, try harder, and push through in the name of finishing what you started and reaping the rewards. But what happens when your heart checks out of a dream and changes its mind? Do you keep on going out of loyalty or habit, or do you leave it all behind to pursue a new dream?

From the time he was 5 years old, Boy Wonder showed incredible artistic talent. He was masterful with a crayon, able to draw a near perfect circle and ruler-straight line. He was always drawing and searching for inspiration in everything from coloring books to nature, book illustrations to album covers. His interest in art was so undeniable that we scraped up our pennies to enroll him in art lessons. He excelled under instruction, loved the challenge and encouragement, and for years created beautiful masterpieces (click here, here, here, and here to see) that he took tremendous pride in – until he just didn’t anymore. [Read more…]

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