Sometimes I Forget He’s Still a Kid

That young person sitting on the pediatric exam table is my 11-year-old son, Boy Wonder. I know one look at his sweet baby face and abbreviated stature is all it takes to remind you that he’s still a kid, but for me – the woman who birthed him – I regularly forget. As the mother […]

4 Steps to Increasing Your Tween’s Independence

For all the things the tweenage years bring, increased independence is probably my favorite. Sure, it’s the source of many arguments and personal anxiety-induced breakdowns, but it’s also a time of tremendous discovery for my adolescent. Increased independence provides our tweens with vitally important baby steps into the real world, where decision making and common […]

Boy Wonders: 10 Things I Wouldn’t Change About My Parents

It’s Boy Wonder again. I’m back writing because some people thought the last thing I wrote about 10 things I wished I could change my parents was harsh. It wasn’t really a big deal. All my friends want to change things about their parents and besides, I talk to my parents about this stuff all […]

Boy Wonders: 10 Things I Wish I Could Change About My Parents

It’s me, Boy Wonder, and I’m on winter break right now which means I’ve been home with my parents a lot lately. Mostly it’s been fine, but there are things they do that bother me a lot. There’s a lot of stuff I want to do that they won’t let me do and things I […]

7 Life Lessons from the the ‘Kid Table’

You may not realize it, but sitting at the “kid table” growing up taught you some valuable life lessons. No really, check ’em out.

10 Things My Tween Loves About Himself (That I Love Too)

Lately I’ve seen a real change in Boy Wonder and I love it, perhaps even more than he does. Take a look at 10 things my tween loves about himself (that I love too)!

Why I’m Getting Real With My Kids

I’m pretty sure the day the first parents were placed on this earth, they never intended to be the best. They did what they had to do – protect and care for their children the best way they knew how. Once the population grew and more and more parents inhabited the earth, I’m guessing they […]

5 Things Your Tween Needs Most [Video]

One look at my tween and you might think the thing my kid needs most is a haircut. While I’m inclined to agree with you, there are actually five things he needs even more and psst! They’re the same five things every tween and teen needs to be healthy and happy.

5 Things My Tween Fears Most About Growing Up [Video]

Growing up can be scary, so it came as no surprise when Boy Wonder began exhibiting trepidation whenever the subject would arise. While I wish I could just wave my magic wand and make all of his fears disappear, I believe it’s my job to try and talk the fears out – try being the […]

The Things I Fear for My Kids Might Be What They Need Most

fears for my kids

I have four distinct fears for my sons, but if each of these fears bring enlightenment and wisdom, perhaps they’re worth letting go.