10 Ways to Stage Your Home for Quick sale

Selling your home can be is most definitely stressful, particularly when you need to sell it fast. When we were selling our townhouse a few years ago, our charming little house sat on the market for 9 long months without so much as a single offer. What we couldn’t figure out was why. The house […]

Wall Art for Lovers from Etsy

Reaching decorative compromise in a marriage isn’t always easy, even when both partners have similar tastes. When it came to redecorating our master bedroom, my husband and I agreed on just about everything – paint color, draperies, and bedding – until it came time to hang pictures. While I had a whole wall gallery of […]

12 Inspiring Celebrity Home Decorating Boards on Pinterest

Flip through any celebrity news magazine and you’ll get a rare glimpse inside the stunning homes of the rich and famous. Limited only by their imaginations, many celebrities call upon world-class interior designers to help bring their personal style to life. While most of us will never hire a celebrity home designer, with an eye […]

20 Festive & Fun Throw Pillows for Fall

You guys, FALL! Bring, it. on. Cooler weather brings with it more time spent indoors cozying up to those near and dear. Wouldn’t it be lovely to add comfort to our homes all while celebrating this delightful season? With decorative autumn-inspired throw pillows, we can! Let’s take a look at 20 of the most festive […]

12 Outrageous Wild Animal Bedding Sets

re you an animal in bed? Get your mind out of the gutter, you guys! I was talking about animal bedding – geez. While there’s no doubt animal prints add an exotic and chic element to any bedding ensemble, it’s generally preferred that wild animals themselves stay off the bed…or is it? While searching online […]

15 Home Repairs Gone Hilariously Wrong

Home repairs gone wrong

  Of all the things homeowners fear most, home repairs top the list. As notoriously expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming as they are, home repairs often reach far beyond our skill level and household budget. According to LendingTree.com, homeowners should expect to spend anywhere between 1 to 3 percent of their home’s value on maintenance and […]

25 Stunning Wall Decals from Etsy

I have this wall – a big, blank, sad-looking, no-one-knows-what-to-do-with-this-wall wall. “The wall” as it’s affectionately known has become the source of intense debate among residents and houseguests alike. As the focal point of our living space, this wall is begging to make a powerful design statement – but how? After much deliberation, I finally […]

25 Totally Charming DIY Fall Wreaths

I’m not very crafty, but oh, how I wish I was. In researching DIY fall wreaths, I came across some of the most delightful and welcoming wreaths I’ve ever seen and you know what I learned? I can totally do this. And so can you. Check out these 25 charming DIY fall wreaths with tutorials […]

5 Easy Ways to Include Your Kids in Home Improvement Projects

There are few things that cause a greater divide between parents and children than home improvement. Home improvement is dangerous, messy, and often the source of intense frustration, so whataya get when you add kids into your home improvement mix? A surprisingly sweeter home sweet home. Your house is so much more than where you […]

Stock Photography Proves You’ve Been Doing Home improvement All Wrong

As a blogger, I’ve written about the comical world of stock photography on multiple occasions. First there were the 25 things stock photography taught us about love, followed by the 18 valuable lessons stock photography taught us about parenting, and let us never forget the 18 pictures of people having a more magical holiday than […]