Wall Art for Lovers from Etsy

Romantic Wall Art for Lovers From Etsy

Reaching decorative compromise in a marriage isn’t always easy, even when both partners have similar tastes.

When it came to redecorating our master bedroom, my husband and I agreed on just about everything – paint color, draperies, and bedding – until it came time to hang pictures. While I had a whole wall gallery of our family in mind, my husband couldn’t stand the idea of filling our bedroom with pictures of us, you know, the people who lived there. “This room shouldn’t be a shrine to our faces!” he lamented, “It should be a shrine to looooooove,” as spoken in his best ’70s porn star impression… you know, in a way that begs you to take a shower.

“Hey,” I thought, “Maybe he’s on to something. Maybe I could make this a  romantic room!” And just like that, I was off in search of romantic wall art.

Take a look at 20 romantic pieces of wall art to inspire love in your home!

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