A Good Mom is a Happy Mom

IMG_9256-1A little more than a month ago, I lost it. I really and truly lost it.

I was struggling with work, my health, my husband, and my kids. Life had gotten busy (so very busy) and I began shutting down in nearly every way. Emotional and exhausted, my wellness became the furthest thing from my own mind. People needed me and I knew it. People wanted my time and I gave it. I gave and I gave and gave until there wasn’t a moment left to give to myself or anyone else.

Dinner with girlfriends? Who had time for that?

Getting my hair done? Yeah, right.

30 minutes of yoga? Fat chance.

It didn’t matter whether these things would make me feel happy, better, or more focused. They were constraints of time and energy that I couldn’t afford to spare.

For a while, all that self-sacrifice seemed to be working. Deadlines were being met. Dinners and school lunches were made. Laundry was done. But slowly, I was becoming undone. [read more…]

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