Twitter Trend of the Week: #ToMyFutureSon

The first time I was pregnant there was no Twitter (#Oldlady). I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Just imagine the Twitter overshares I could have bestowed upon the interwebz as a first time pregnant woman. Stuff like, “Ultrasound tech just told us it’s a boy. I’m so happy! #lies” or “OMG you guys, sex makes you pregnant! #PSA #truestory”

The second time I was pregnant, I was way too self-obsessed to know about Twitter. I cared about me and only me being knocked up with a GIRL. I can only imagine that my tweets would have read something like, “OMG pg with ANOTHER boy. #nofair”

While my sons are an absolute blessing and I adore mothering boys, back then I was too stupid to know it yet.

When Twitter began trending #ToMyFutureSon, I had to see what the Twitterverse speaketh. As the mom of boys, would I agree with Twitter’s pearls of witty wisdom or would I weep for the future of the male race?

Check out 10 of my fave tweets from this week’s Twitter trend, #ToMyFutureSon right here!

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