Twitter Trend of the Week: #ToMyFutureSon

The first time I was pregnant there was no Twitter (#Oldlady). I know, I can hardly believe it myself. Just imagine the Twitter overshares I could have bestowed upon the interwebz as a first time pregnant woman. Stuff like, “Ultrasound tech just told us it’s a boy. I’m so happy! #lies” or “OMG you guys, […]

Twitter Trend of the Week: Top 10 Turn-Ons

This week the public took to Twitter to reveal their top 10 turn-ons, or more specifically #10TurnOns for you tweethearts who like to go to the source. As you can imagine the turn-ons were as fascinating and Twitter-clever as we could have ever hoped for. Take a look at my 10 favorite turn-on tweets right here!