My Kids, My Responsibility: On Not Wanting to Ask Family to Babysit

As a blogger I’m notorious for eavesdropping on parents at every possible opportunity. I may or may not do this thing where I stand off to the side and pretend to fiddle on my phone while actually taking detailed notes for upcoming blog ideas. People, it’s not being nosy, it’s having my finger on the pulse.

Just last week at kindergarten pick-up, I overheard a group of moms chatting about leaving their kids in the care of family. Mom A said she felt guilty “dumping the kids” because growing up her mom rarely left her in the care of others. She said her mom raised her and now it was her turn to raise her kids and she didn’t want to take advantage. Mom B told Mom A to hell with that thinking, that’s what grandparents are for!

While I love the idea of grandparents who view an opportunity to take care their grandkids as a privilege rather than a hassle, I tend to fall in Mom A’s camp…[read more]


  1. I’d like to respectfully disagree with you here! There are times when I call on my parents for help. I’m so glad to have them! Yes, they have done their child-rearing… and are now retired and living the good life. I feel best about leaving them with their grandparents. For example, this weekend- my husband and I are wine-tasting with a friend from college. That time with my husband just wouldn’t be possible without help! My boys will enjoy a few hours of fun with their grandparents, my parents will enjoy the time with the boys, and we have a few hours of freedom. I feel strongly that mothers feel too guilty about nearly everything. Sometimes, I think it’s perfectly OK to enlist the parents for some assistance. MODERATION IS KEY!

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