8 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Parent-Teacher Partnership for Your Child

By now you’re probably like, “Gah, Mommyfriend! Enough with the back-to-school this and back-to-school that. Talk about something interesting like kid poop or ‘Annoying Orange’!” I get it, I really do, and I will…right after this post. Pinky swear.

In case you didn’t know, I’m the parent of a kid who once struggled big time in elementary school. It wasn’t until things came to a very ugly head in the 3rd grade before I realized there was simply more to be done on my part. Oh, the tears I could have saved had I only realized the importance of establishing and maintaining an educational partnership with my kid’s teacher.

A lot of you probably already know the value of the parent-teacher relationship, but I didn’t. I was the working mom who came home after a long day and helped my kid with his homework. I attended parent participation events, read the weekly school bulletin, and supplied cookies for classroom parties. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough; my kid and his teacher needed more from me to resolve the issues at hand.

The moral of the story is this: there will be school years that are more challenging than others. There will be years our kids have unique needs. There will also be years when what’s worked in the past works no longer.

The good news is that there are simple things we can do as parents to address our child’s educational needs and secure the best possible parent-teacher partnership for our child right here!

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