10 Signs You Married Your Best Friend

I like to think I married my best friend even if we didn’t start out that way. By all accounts Big Daddy P was a guy I went from not knowing to being completely infatuated with in oh…3.2 seconds.

For some, love blossoms from friendship. For others like me, friendship blossoms from love. And while my husband and I would have undoubtedly benefitted from being friends before lovers, we ultimately reached BFF status, which I suppose is what really matters.

Marrying your best friend, as hokey as it sounds, is actually pretty important. As time (and gravity) change us from the inside and out, it’s the friendship that keeps us together – laughing, loving, sharing, and giving the best of ourselves inspired by the one true person who knows us best of all.

As your partner in forever, your spouse has the power to make it all better by virtue of the place they hold in your heart. Take a look at these 10 signs you married your best friend and offer how you know you married your best friend in the comments below!

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