Dolls are Scary: A Frightening Gallery of Bad Baby Dolls

Dolls are scary. They just are.

And it’s not just dolls either. Lots of childhood-related items that are intended to symbolize innocence and goodness are damn frightening! Think about it, there’s dolls, tattered teddy bears, a random child’s blanket on the street, a lone child’s shoe – who lost these items? Why is there ever only one shoe? Come on now, these things are scary.

When I recently encountered scary doll images in the land of stock photography, I had myself a good scare that I just so obviously needed to share. Click here…if you dare.


  1. Dolls are horrible little creatures, only slightly less despicable than clowns. A clown doll would be truly horrific. I think the worst gift I ever got as a child was a “Baby Alive Doll.” Not only was it ugly, but it pooped. Who on earth equated diaper changing with play?

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