From Coca-Cola Douches to Drinking Froth From a Camel’s Mouth: The Frightening History of Birth Control Methods

I have an IUD set to “expire” this October. I can hardly believe it’s been almost five years since I debated the pros and cons of Mirena at my 6 week postpartum appointment.

For five years I haven’t given birth control a second thought. As my “baby” begins Kindergarten and I turn 36-years-old next week, I realize I need to make a decision regarding birth control pretty damn soon; stupid aging eggs.

The decision to jump back on the IUD bandwagon would be an easy one. I’d make an appointment, groom my nether regions, put my feet in stirrups, wince, pop a few ibuprofen and be done for another five years. Birth control is all too easy and for that I’m all too grateful.

How lucky we are to live in the age of modern birth control. Women for centuries and even decades before us haven’t had the safe options and ease of accessibility to birth control that we have. Let’s take a look at how far birth control methods have come – click here!

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