We Attended Church for the First Time Ever as a Family

My husband and I are no strangers to church.

I attended a private Christian school from K through 6th grade where I had an opportunity to learn scripture and develop a personal connection with God. My husband was raised Catholic and attended mass every Sunday.

While we never attended church as a married couple, we always agreed it was nearly impossible to give birth to beautiful babies and deny the existence of something greater. Even still, aside from occasional prayers of gratitude during times of high highs and prayers for comfort during times of low lows, God may have held a place in our hearts, but He never held a place in our home.

Last week as I was driving with my kids in the car, I passed by a church when Boy Wonder said, “Mom, every time I pass by a church I feel bad.”

“Feel bad? Why do you feel bad?” I asked. “Because I feel like we should be going, Mom. I feel like I should be worshiping God,” he tells me. Um, whoa…[read more]

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