Making Your Family a Team

Goooooooooooooo team! 

You know your family rocks, but are they a team?  They can be!

Join me in making your family your personal All Star Team by clicking here!

And you know what else?  Yahoo! Contributor Network featured this article on their Lifestyle front page last weekend!  If you’re interested in joining me in contributing for Yahoo!, click here to learn more and share your voice!


  1. Those are some great tips, Lori. Love how your family works together! Posting here because I couldn’t comment on the other site.

  2. Finally back at Mommyfriend! Life at the end of a school year doesn’t leave much blog time! Heading over to read Family Team!

  3. Family teams are great! We use to have a t.v. in our kitchen. Took it out recently and daughter asked why did I take it out. I told her its because this is the only time I have you all together and It is a good time to chat and find out what is new with everyone. Both my kids started chatting. It was a wonderful Family “team” effort to keep the conversation flowing. Great post!

  4. LOVE this…heading over now!

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