The Gift of My Other Mother

A letter to my stepmom:

You didn’t hear my first word or see my first steps.

You didn’t send me off to my first day of school.

You didn’t kiss my boo-boos or read me bedtime stories.

Yet somehow you became every bit a mother to me as my own.

You knew when to be a mother and when to be a friend and never once confused the two.

You helped me in school, sewed my Halloween costumes and got me my first grownup job.

You stood in the background but I knew you were there. You were always there.

You gave me a brother. You loved my dad.

I’ve never shined a light on all you are to me until now. Being the other mother couldn’t have been easy but being your daughter always was. You loved me as if I was born to you, even if only in your heart.

Knowing you has been a true blessing, as has all you’ve brought into my life.

Simply thank you for being you.


  1. Awh. I’ll have to head over and check out Cafe Smom. 🙂

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