In the Closet

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  1. My closet space SUCKS. I need more room! 😉 Love your parents closet. That would be like having an entire room compared to what I have now. I’d even take half that size of a closet!

  2. haha Just like Tina above me I thought the same thing!! Then I thought– She is way way too organized to room with me at Blogher– then I rewound the clip and saw it was your parents- — whew!

    That closet is GI-NORMOUS! I need that closet in my life.

  3. Hey YOU! You’re SO dang cute – love the topic. Here’s my view on the closet, ONLY because you ASKED!! =)
    It is NOT my definition of success. I’ve been blessed with several homes with LARGE closets. MY CLOSET NOW? It’s HUGE, I’ve got a center folding-top dresser with 3 large drawers on each side with a granite top – It’s got great space for all my shoes – I’ve got one side, my husband has the other. We’ve even got a washer and dryer in our closet. The ONLY reason I’m telling you this is because – though I’ve had many GREAT closets? It was never something that made me feel successful. The first 4 homes I had with large closets I was in a marriage that ended in divorce = unsuccessful. The second 2 homes I had with large closets I was a raging alcoholic {blacked out most of the time during those years of my life, I don’t even remember the closets} = unsuccessful. and NOW I have a GREAT HUGE BIG closet and I feel successful, but it’s not because of the closet. It’s because I’ve dedicated my life to become who God created me to be – I have peace, joy, love for myself and I’m living everyday on purpose for a purpose – that to me is successful. =)

    Thank YOU for sharing each week, I look forward to seeing your beautiful smile and lovely personality!

    Keeping it Personal,
    Teri Johnson

  4. Mommyfriend,
    You don’t need a closet like this. You have arrived and you (and Daddy P) are perfect!! Now, I must say when we first did a master bedroom remodel, we had a big bedroom, our own bathroom and a closet (that isn’t as big as your mom’s). I did say to myself, “I’m a grown up now.” It was fun at first but I still love sleeping in the cozy guestroom (former master) that is warm and very dark and cozy.

    My thing isn’t material (and of course, it’s my children and marriage first). I’m very proud of my job and our ability we’ve had to travel and do what we love.

  5. Wow at first I was like, “Check out Lori’s closet!!!” That is huge I am jealous!!

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