I Really Love My Husband

OK, don’t gag when I tell you this…I really love my husband.

I do.  My eyeballs are totally doing that cartoon beating heart thing as I type this.

The day I met Big Daddy P (aka “Peaches” back then), sparks really flew for me.  I wrote about that lightning bolt of love thing once before, you can click here to read all about it.  Anywho, no one in my 17 years had made me feel quite like Peaches did, aside from maybe Edward Furlong back in 1991 (whew, dodged that bullet).  In the 4 years that followed, my love for him grew 4x as much and if you asked me how much I loved him on our wedding day, I would have told you I couldn’t love him more.

I was so wrong.

I love Big Daddy P so much more today than the day we married.  I feel supremely blessed to be married to a man who continues his evolution of awesomeness with each passing year. 

We’ve seen tremendous joys and heartbreaking losses in our 12 years of marriage and through it all he’s always kept a positive attitude and a cheesy grin on his face.  God, I love that man.

Try to curb the nausea a little while longer as I share the following reasons why Big Daddy P is my better half.

1.  When he helps my family and friends without being asked, I love him for his generosity.

2.  When he tells me that dress makes me look fat and then curses out the dress, I love him for being on my side.

3.  When he makes my morning coffee, I love him for his sensibility.

4.  When he allows the kids to climb all over him after a long day at work, I love him for the depths of his love for our children.

5.  When he pretends to “accidentally” pinch my butt, I love him for his playfulness.

6.  When I break stuff, I love him for having tools instead of being one.

7.  When I closed the garage door on his car not once but twice, I love him for quietly fuming and then letting it go.

8.  When we agree “no presents” and he buys them for me anyway, I love him for understanding women.

But Honey, he isn’t perfect.

With a loving heart I share the following traits that make Big Daddy P human and me absolutely crazy.

1.  He is a Twitter addict.  Like #forreals and it #sucks.

2.  He leaves his shoes all over the house. #momdown #worsethanachild

3.  He is in crazy good shape from cycling and I’m pretty sure I weigh more than him. #nofair #againstthenaturalorder

That Big Daddy P is just a good man, plain and simple.  And that makes me really lucky, plain and simple.

Peaches, I squishy heart you.  Don’t ever change (unless of course I want you to).


  1. There must be some new wave of wonderful men that have come through cause I am madly in love with my hubby too for many reasons, a few of which I share with you (#3,5,6,8). Thanks for this post! It helped me remember……

  2. So sweet! PS…Have your DH follow me. We’ll tweet. LOL

  3. This is so sweet! Love must be in the air or something because I have a post in my draft folder about my hubby. They are good men!

  4. I love this! We forget in the craziness of kids and life + work that our husbands are our bestest friends and our true loves. We have to remember to tell them that!

  5. Always love your marriage stories…you’re very lucky! I’m lucky to have that type of relationship, too. One you can never take for granted!!!

  6. You sound so blessed! So very happy that you have that type of love in your life, Lori.

  7. Awwwww LOVE this post!! You can be so romantic and hilarious at the same time :). I loved the video of the two of you too!

  8. awe, SO sweet. 🙂 i heart my man too – even though i find his socks ALL over (&, yes, our 2 boys have followed in that suit as well…them boys like their feets to breath, i guess!)

  9. You two are just fantastic together. It shows on the website how both of you coloborate here and in life. I can only hope that I may find my muse. Until then I have to live vicariously through watching couples, such as yourself. You made me cry with this one, because it is truly heart felt. Somehow I see you and Daddy P in the future as that nice elderly couple who still holds hands. Beautiful post my friend.

  10. Swinging by from The Mom Pledge and now I’m following! Nice to meet you! I love my husband, too, and it’s refreshing to find others willing to exclaim the same!

  11. Mommyfriend says:

    Thanks Kenna, you are so right.  Thanks for your comment !  He’s a keeper.

  12. You shouldn’t apologize for being amazingly in love with your husband. That is truly fantastic. No everyone is fortunate enough to meet their soulmate. Those of us who do should stand up and cheer about it. I do really love that you kept this post real by adding the few things at the end that annoy you about your husband. There’s no such thing as a perfect marriage, but there are some pretty dang good ones! Congrats!

  13. Mommyfriend says:

    Oh Corine, Edward Furlong…I know.  Time has not been kind to him.

  14. Ohhh another reason you 2 get the cutest bloggy couple award.

    PS- Edward Furlong- I literally LOL’d

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