My 20 Year High School Reunion and Digital Love Affair

Wow, I really can’t seem to look into the camera.  In real life I really do look people in the eyes…although I’ve been told more than once that I look at foreheads. 

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here!  There’s no shortage of fancy headbands and girly barrettes there, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Have you rocked the vote for Mommyfriend lately? I’m a Finalist for’s 2011 Readers’ Choice Awards.  Clicky here and I’ll be forever indebted.


  1. Mommyfriend says:

    Honey, there’s a reason you haven’t seen on butt on the vlog.  No Facebook, GASP!  I do not understand of what you speak!!!!

  2. Mommyfriend says:

    Thanks Linda!  Keep your eyes peeled for that dress for me OK?

  3. Lori, you crack me up! I thought your vlog on the 20th reunion and finding the perfect dress and in a size 4 and for $29.99 was so funny. You are such a doll. Keep up the good work. Love your friend, Linda

  4. You can’t get skinnier! What are you talking about!? I’m not on facebook and think I’m just about one only humans left not on facebook. 😉

  5. So yes, Facebook has put me in contact with anyone and everyone who I went to High School with. My 20 year reunion turned out ok, as a matter of fact it was more of a family picnic than anything. Thank goodness because I had my baby girl just months earlier and was in no shape to get into that HOT RED dress I wanted to. It was really relaxing and after 20 years, no one cares about what you look like, mostly how genuinely you are. 🙂

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