Sleep Stallers

[Image Credit]  Our bedtimes look nothing like this.

Imagine coming home at the end of a long and busy day to have your dinner prepared. Then imagine getting all cleaned up and climbing into a nice warm bed to have your favorite book read to you while you drift off into a peaceful sleep. Would you fight it? I know I wouldn’t.

Kids are different, they fight sleep to the death and my kids are no exception. Yes Mommy Friends, my kids are sleep stallers…[read more]


  1. Mommyfriend says:

    Loukia, it’s so hard and it robs us of our sleep too! 

  2. Mommyfriend says:

    Cricket in his ear, genius!  Our little ones are sooo smart.

  3. Mommyfriend says:

    Best of luck to him!  Both of my kids transitioned well to the bed…I mean kinda…they do sleep stall.

  4. My older little one is about to be moved to a twin bed and I wonder if he’ll then become a sleep staller. Time will tell! EEK!

  5. My boy is turning 3 and he is turning into a sleep staller. ARGH. It is frustrating, isn’t it. He suddenly is afflicted with all kinds of ailments at the moment of bedtime. Starts complaining about a bug in his stomach and a cricket in his ear.

  6. My kids totally avoid sleeping at night, too! Our new bedtime routine? They both get into bed with me and watch TV, their favourite shows. We read some books, too. Then they fall asleep, and I carry my five year to his room, then I go down and do my thing for HOURS – cleaning up, working, whatever, then FINALLY I go to bed, with my three year old. 🙂 We still co-sleep. But I do need a new routine, because some nights, actually, most nights, it drags on and on… we could literally be lying in bed for two hours before they actually fall asleep!

  7. My son is a “sleep staller,” but my daughter is not. She’s more like me and needs her sleep. I wish I could attribute my need for a solid 10 hours of sleep to the way I fill my days. However, I have a terrible feeling that it’s just my body getting old. Here’s to that…

  8. Stallers is a nice way to put it. I have one that says “one more book pwease”. I have to limit the books to three a night or we would be up until midnightn reading. Then there is the “my foot hurts I need Abi’s medicine”. That would be their grandma’s Vicks Vapor rub. Endless drinks of water, Spiderman is in the room (spider), bathroom breaks, I’m cold let me sleep with you, the pajama’s are itchy!
    I want to tell them, sleep now! Once you become parents you will want to have these sleeping hours banked! 🙂

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