If you’re expecting a baby, a babymoon is an idea well worth considering.  Like a honeymoon, a babymoon is an opportunity to get out of town and enjoy your partner and kids (if you already have them) before you welcome your newest addition.  Since traveling with a newborn is about as fun as a root canal, this little pre-baby vacation is the perfect chance to get away and reconnect since your weekly trip to Target is about the furthest you’ll dare stray from home once your baby arrives.  And while you undoubtedly need your pennies more than ever pending your new arrival, even a single night’s getaway creates the stuff memories are made of.

2002, Babymoon in San Diego

Babymoon shopping because I realized I was wearing waaay too much denim.

I have taken mini babymoons while pregnant with both of my sons.  Before my first son was born, Big Daddy P and I took a lovely overnighter in San Diego.  We ate at a fancy shmancy steak restaurant and even came back to freshly bakes chocolate chip cookies in our hotel room (oh, the things I remember). 

Fancy shmancy steak dinner.

Our first babymoon remains one of my fondest pre-motherhood memories, either because it was as sweet as I remember or because motherhood has given me a very real case of amnesia.

So excited to be parents!

I remember Big Daddy P and I being so young and full of eager anticipation about the kinds of parents we would be and how we hoped our son wouldn’t end up with either of our noses (he didn’t, whew!).  All of our sweet daydreaming was about to become our even sweeter reality and it was indeed worthy of celebration.

Sea World, 2007

Nearly 5 years later, while pregnant with Little BooBoo I planned another overnighter with our son to San Diego once again.  This babymoon was special in a different way.  The entire trip was centered around our son because we knew the transition to big brotherhood would be substantial.  What is San Diego without a full day at Sea World?

Big brother in the making.

While the trip had high highs and a few low lows (you know, theme park meltdowns), nearly 3 years later my eldest remembers the trip as the highlight of his young life.

My boys.

A giant dill pickle, preggo heaven!

I cherish the memories of our trip because it was the last time we embarked on an adventure as a family of 3.  As excited as I was to welcome our new baby, there was a bittersweet realization that my “baby” wasn’t actually such a baby anymore now that he would soon be welcoming a baby brother.

Celebrate your coupledom with a babymoon if you are expecting your first and celebrate your children with a babymoon if you are expecting another!  Too often we wait for excuses to get away when the celebration of family seems like the most worthwhile reason of all.  Now is the perfect time to get out there and capture those beautiful memories! 

Did you take a babymoon?  Share your ideas for those considering one!


  1. What a great idea! I especially love the idea of the babymoon with the other children!

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  41. babymoon, I neeed a familymoon. Time by myself away from my family…hahaha just kidding!

  42. No babymoon here but I might be in need of a mommymoon soon! You know just for a few hours. 😉

    That is great that you were able to do something memorable before both little ones arrived!

  43. Babymoons rock and are a must! Ours to Chicago was perfect. Even if you don’t think you have the money now, you definitely won’t have the time again for a long time, so just do it!

  44. no “babymoon” but we did have a last date night before the big day. We went to see Titanic.

  45. Love the pickle photo! Looks like you guys had a fab time. Can’t wait for my baby moon in a few weeks! We didn’t take one when I had Sky in 2007. Thanks for sharing your adorable photos!

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