I Survived BlogHer’11 and all I got was this Awesome Blog Post

If you’re not a blogger, you are totally over the BlogHer’11 conference talk and I can understand that.    I promise this will be the last post about BlogHer’11, that is until August next year when I’ll be traveling to NEW YORK to attend BlogHer’12. Me likes posts with lots of pictures because I’m a lazy reader so get […]

Mommyfriend’s Mommy

I wrote an essay on Yahoo! Shine in honor of International Woman’s Day last month that I’d love to share.  Click right here to learn all about Mommyfriend’s Mommy and why she is so rad.

When the First Missing Tooth Goes Down the Drain

I believe every mom has a memorable missing tooth story.  I mean, kids have like 24 teeth or something so there’s gotta be a gem of a story in there somewhere.  My Yahoo Shine Parenting Gurus and I were asked to share some Tooth Fairy wisdom or other such anecdote and the story of Boy […]

The Panic Attack That Changed Everything

What do The Joneses, a panic attack and Mommyfriend have in common? My First Yahoo Shine Parenting Guru post, that’s what! I promise I’ll drive slow if you follow me on over to Yahoo Shine by clicking here to read all about what we Parenting Gurus are thankful for this year.  If you you’re looking for a shortcut because […]

I’m a Yahoo Shine Parenting Guru!

If you follow Mommyfriend on Facebook (thank you, thank you very much), you already know that I have been selected as a Yahoo! Shine Parenting Guru based on this post about one Grinchy Big Daddy P and the making of a beloved and totally cheeseball family tradition. Yahoo! Shine is my absolute favorite online magazine (scout’s honor) because it is filled with […]