Blogalicious Presentation: Building Your Network

I didn’t attend Blogalicious last weekend but all the cool kids did.              My girls, Corine and Tina presented a panel on building your network. I am so proud of them for kicking big time public speaking ass and including me and my demon eyes in their fantastic video presentation! BRAVA ladies! So well done!

I Survived BlogHer’11 and all I got was this Awesome Blog Post

If you’re not a blogger, you are totally over the BlogHer’11 conference talk and I can understand that.    I promise this will be the last post about BlogHer’11, that is until August next year when I’ll be traveling to NEW YORK to attend BlogHer’12. Me likes posts with lots of pictures because I’m a lazy reader so get […]

No More Bloggers Vlogging on the Bed!

You can visit & subscribe to my YouTube Channel by clicking here because summer re-runs suck. Be sure to visit my BlogHer roomies for being such great sports after a long day of fun and adventure (oh, and because their sites totally rock but you already know that).