I Survived BlogHer’11 and all I got was this Awesome Blog Post

If you’re not a blogger, you are totally over the BlogHer’11 conference talk and I can understand that.   

I promise this will be the last post about BlogHer’11, that is until August next year when I’ll be traveling to NEW YORK to attend BlogHer’12.

Me likes posts with lots of pictures because I’m a lazy reader so get ready for some bloggy eye candy.

This is my BlogHer roomie Devan of Accustomed Chaos and Unspoken Grief.

The pink in her hair? Natural.

She’s from Canada, eh and the hotel told her that her debit card “didn’t have enough numbers” so she was pretty much screwed all weekend.  Things looked up for her though because she was able to see her very first palm tree.  That blew my mind, first palm tree…really?!?!

Look, a palm tree, eh?

Here I am with fellow roomie Corine of Complicated Mama

Cori + Lori = Clori

We shared a bed and I made her wear a badge to prove it.

Well, it was true.

We went to lots of fancy parties and were loaded with criminal amounts of swag.  A lot of these parties were private and stuff so if you knew someone, you were in – unless the chick checking the roster at the door didn’t like you for whatever reason or they were just so unorganized that you got turned away, even with an invitation – yeah, that happened.  Anyway, a lot of these private parties escorted us around in pedicabs which are really just open death cabs with a young dude pedaling like he’s got something to prove to the pedicab gods as you weave in and out of ridiculous traffic and dodge trains in the dark – yeah, that happened.

Lucky he wasn't charged with Attempted Pedicab Murder.

I obviously met a lot of cool people at BlogHer because bloggers are wicked cool and love to have a crazy good time with wigs, unicorns, cheeseburgers, Sharpies, boas and #hashtags.

This is me getting all fangirl on Jill of Scary Mommy who is currently at her local law enforcement agency filing a restraining order against me as I type. 

I swear, I'm normal.

Jill was totally gracious and supremely kind to me.  We sealed our fate with a very dangerous pedicab death ride back to the hotel, pretty sure that means we’ll be getting matching tattoos here in the near future.

See, semi-normal.

Here I am with the ever beautiful Loukia of LouLou’s Views.  She’s also from Canada, eh and is so pretty it hurts me, like ouch.  The fact that she is so nice makes it impossible to hate her for being so beautiful because if she was anything less than spectacular I just might have.

You can't stand the pretty!

Here I am with Nicole of By Word of Mouth’s Musings who is just the most sassy and lovely woman.  Her quick tongue and gorgeous accent only add to the loveliness you see before you.

Nicole gets me, she really gets me.

The Empress, all hail.  I got to hug Alexandra the Empress of Good Day Regular People.  She was one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year and I was such a proud and teary mama watching her work her magic on the podium.

I'm not worthy. Really.

Cecily of Uppercase Woman and I schmoozed because awesome begets awesome.  I’m still basking in her afterglow.

In that second I was awesome by osmosis.

Here I am with Karen who works for Graco by day and blogs by night at In the Kitchen with KP.  Karen has the most infectious laugh I’ve ever heard, just being near her makes me super happy.

My girl!

Here I am with Stefania of Clever Girls Collective and City Mama!

Cleverest chick around!

I even had a chance to visit my friends at Yahoo! Contributor Network, love them!

Ya - hoo!

I gravely regret not getting a picture with my girl-crush and Yahoo! Shine Editor Jessica.  Sadness becomes me but enough about that.
Now that you know all the players, here are a few party & expo pics!

Clever Rockstar Party


Never looked better


Sesame Street


Me? Funny and real?


Girls just wanna have blogs


Mom bloggers unite!

Well Mommy Friends, that was my fabulous BlogHer ’11 blur; the experience blew my newbie mind. 

One thing I know for sure: Next year I’m going to stress less, enjoy even more and freaking wear flats.
Blog out.


  1. Looks so fun! Would love to attend some day – New York sounds like an amazing destination!! Sign me up!! 🙂

  2. Those are great pictures! I’m from Canada too, eh, and it wasn’t my first palm tree but seeing them as I came in was one of the most exciting parts of the conference. And there were a lot of exciting moments.

    Glad you had fun!

  3. I loved meeting you. You are everything & more in person & just wanted to squish you the entire weekend!!!

    • Beth, if I had a picture of the two of us without your head cut in half I would have posted it. You are a delight and every bit as beautiful and HILARIOUS as I had hoped you’d be!

  4. Looks like you had a great time! Love the recap!

  5. Lori – I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this recap! If I couldn’t be there, I could live it thru you! Thanks so much! 🙂

  6. It looks like you had a wonderful, amazing, fantastic time. I’m so glad. You deserve it. You deserve to have a fabulous time around other fabulous women.

  7. You’re adorable and funny and I love all your pics! Sorry I only got to hug you just once on Thursday. Hope to see you/hang out next year! 😀

  8. Great pictures! I recognize so many of the people you met (like Nicole & Loukia) but I didn’t get to meet you. Next year!

  9. Love all the pictures! It sure makes BlogHer12 even more tempting!!! You ladies ROCK!

  10. As delightful as I had had hoped.
    And that picture of me …
    OMGAWD – like the ugly stepsister who is 105 with a cold and baggy eyes!
    Just my loveliest … but because no one can look past your loveliness in the photo I will deal ….

  11. I had such a fun time with you!!

  12. All I can say is that I’m very jealous!! I’ll have to make it for next year! Looks like you had a blast. Curious if they had good classes as well as meeting fun people?

  13. Love your dresses! Looks like a great time:)

  14. Love your dresses! It looked like you had a blast with everyone

  15. How on earth did I not meet you?!? You are adorable and hilarious, my favorite combo!!!! 😉

  16. I love you.
    That is all.

    Meet you in NYC next year!

  17. I had so much fun reading this!!! You are so much fun and I’m so glad we got to hang out this year (even if we were clinging to each other for dear life!!) See you in NYC!! XOX

  18. HOW FUN!! It’s like meeting celebrities! 🙂

    • Emily, it so was. I was like, “Squee! I know you!!!” The first time someone said to me, “Are you Mommyfriend?” I almost totally peed my pants. Like seriously.

  19. Oh, to see your face first thing that morning at breakfast.

    I swear, you looked like the sun.

    LOVED MEETING YOU!!! So glad it happened, next time? DINNER OUT.

  20. So you’re saying I should take my newbie self there next year?!!?? See you in August…

  21. Lori… I love you.
    I almost texted you to tell you that- but then I realized it was 8am ET which would make it un-godly o’clock PT… and then I’d be up to my old tricks again lol

    Love this recap and all the pics! Can’t wait for BlogHer 12!!

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