Our Vegas Christmas as Told Through Pictures

Well friends, another Christmas has come and gone much, much too quickly. This Christmas we packed up the kidlets and traveled to Grammy and Poppy’s house in the land of Lost Wages. If covertly packing Santa’s toys (including two very cool and very huge Fliker scooters) wasn’t hard enough, BooBoo was battling one totally nasty, […]

A Case for Giving More Love and Fewer Gifts This Holiday

While the idea of a Christmas filled with more love than gifts was always my goal this year, I’ve never felt more convicted to make it happen than I do today. Maybe it was the flood of parents walking their kids to school this morning in place of rolling stops and rushed goodbyes. Maybe it […]

16 Magical Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

When I think back on the Christmases of my childhood, I don’t remember much about the presents (well, except for that year I got training bras). What I do remember were all our beloved family traditions. Every year my mom and I would go shopping at the mall on Christmas Eve for fun (crazy, no?). […]

7 Ways That We Remember Christmas Isn’t Just About the Presents

I can tell from my neighbor’s musical lawn ornaments that Christmas is upon us. Every year on December 1st, our neighbor Bob puts out his giant inflatable caroling snowmen and ornamental reindeer made out of sticks. It’s a weird and wonderfully merry sight that my kids have come to know and love. Bob’s festive lawn […]