Our Vegas Christmas as Told Through Pictures

Picture 3303

Well friends, another Christmas has come and gone much, much too quickly.

This Christmas we packed up the kidlets and traveled to Grammy and Poppy’s house in the land of Lost Wages. If covertly packing Santa’s toys (including two very cool and very huge Fliker scooters) wasn’t hard enough, BooBoo was battling one totally nasty, totally phlegmmy cough on our 4+ hour family road trip.

Like any good parents, we arrived in Las Vegas, greeted Grammy and Poppy and then ditched our kids in their very loving, capable hands to spend two nights alone as married child-free peoples on the Las Vegas Strip. Big Daddy P and I ate too much, slept too much, argued a little, caught “Jersey Boys”, braved the ridiculous crowds and lost our meager gambling fund in about six slot pulls.

We arrived back at my parents’ house on Christmas Eve to pick up parenting where we left off and spend Christmas together as a happy family. Take a look at our Vegas Christmas adventure as told through pictures!

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